Monday, December 10, 2007

Meeting a Journalistic Icon

Today I had the great privilege to meet a journalist I have admired for many, many years: Tom Brokaw. I loved watching his nightly news cast when I was in school (total news nerd, I know). It's still good, but just not the same without him.
We did an interview with him, then I listened to his speech about his new book "Boom!" He took the time to sign all of our books. I'm really looking forward to reading it!

(This is a picture of Tom as he's signing my book. Note that he's not even looking remotely my way. The woman he's looking at was an elderly woman with a cane who I helped up the stage to get her book signed. Then I left her get her book signed first. She proceeded to chat and chat and chat about his other book. She talked so much that he just started signing the books of the folks behind her (me) without so much as even saying hello. Not that I'm one to tell Karma anything, but I think Karma owes me.)


Baby Isha said...

Sorry to hear that the little old lady hogged him all to herself. But it is neat that you were able to meet him and get your book signed.

Kris said...

OK... that's way cool. I've always liked him.

Sara K. said...

So great! I think we were together when you met Peter Jennings? Right? He came to Boise! I love that you got a chance to meet another one of your favorite anchors! Oh a newsgirl's dream is coming true. So awesome!!! And BTW you get to meet some pretty cool and famous people through your work. People's sexiest man alive in fact!!! :) -S