Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Christmas Wish

It is my Christmas Wish that this year I not end up knitting frantically into the wee hours of Christmas morn' trying to finish up gifts. I opted to knit only a small amount of gifts this year. Apparently that was too much. Christmas is less than a week away (how did that happen?) and I still have quite a ways to go on both projects.

Since I don't have a camera anymore, I'll have to just describe the circumstance to you. Or as my hubby says, create a picture with your words. Here goes:
My hubby's sock: one down, about 4 inches into the second one.
My MIL's scarf: just cast on, about 6 inches into it.
My mom's scarf: done and given to her, she loved it (sadly, no pic though).

Here's another picture with my words for you to imagine:
Me frantically knitting away while October Road on (for some reason beyond me, I'm addicted to it. And it bugs me at the same time because every time they have a scene with one of the two women in the show who are mothers, they are either: 1) carrying a load of laundry 2) cooking a meal or 3) serving a meal to their man who's waiting at the table for said meal. Seriously, it drives me crazy, yet am addicted.) OK, am rambling to procrastinate said knitting. Am now off (with my knitting) to the SKG Holiday party!

P.S. Happy Birthday Supergirl - love the crown!


Baby Isha said...

You better get busy!

Sara K. said...

We feel the same way about getting our cards out before we go to Boise. Only 130 to sign and stamp...S