Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas! (A day late....)

Our White Christmas came a day late! It started snowing on Christmas and today we woke up to about 5 inches and it's still snowing! You can pretty much count on a little white stuff in Northern Idaho around the holidays, but this is a fun treat! Of course, there's no picture because Santa didn't leave a new camera for me under the tree, but he did leave several new knitting books! In fact, after a lazy morning of watching the birds peck through the snow to find some bird food, we're heading out to check out the new yarn shop in Coeur d'Alene! I know Santa would want me to spend some holiday money there! Plus, maybe, battle the crowds for a new camera at a great price!

Hope you got everything you wanted for the holidays! My Christmas wish of not wanting to be knitting on gifts until 1 a.m. did come true. But for the sake of editorial integrity, I confess, I didn't even bother to finish the hubby's second sock. I just wrapped up the first one (didn't even weave the ends in). He loved it, it fit, look for picture to come soon. Am hoping to have the second one done by Groundhog's Day. It's good to have a holiday goal for knitting.


Baby Isha said...

Merry Christmas Meg (a day late). I am so jealous that everyone had snow for Christmas. Good luck looking for a camera.

weebug said...

groundhogs day sounds like the perfect deadline for the second sock!

Sara K. said...

Boise had the white stuff before and after, but not on the actual day. In fact it is snowing right now and looks lovely outside. Glad that Santa was good to you and I can't wait to see how the new great priced camer takes pictures. Our new one is adding some great pics to our blog...S