Monday, December 15, 2008

Baking & the chaos that ensues

Around the holidays, I get the baking bug. Big time. And last Friday night was my night in the kitchen. But before I could bake, I had to shop.

So I dug around and found my famous fudge recipe. The fudge recipe that has earned me praises at many a holiday gatherings. I found it, added the goodies on my grocery list and headed out the door with the hubby to grab some dinner before hitting the grocery store. I know, hot Friday night plans.

I came home and quickly got to work on the Cranberry Chocolate bread recipe I found on Shannon's blog. Then with 50 mins to kill while the bread baked, I decided to get to the bottom of the funky smell in the kitchen. First the trash went out. Still had a linger. Then I cleaned out the fridge, because, well, you know how that goes. Still something was amiss. So I took care of the recycling. (And by "taking care of it," I mean I made the hubby take it all out.) Then the sweet smell of baking bread began to over power whatever was causing such a stir in my kitchen.

Now it was time to get to my famous fudge. But there was a problem. My fudge recipe was missing. I frantically retraced my steps and then it hit me. Just like a flash back from "How I Met Your Mother," I saw it all: I had jotted down what I needed on the grocery list. Then I took the list and the recipe and put it on the kitchen table right as we were leaving for dinner. But while the hubby took a few minutes to get ready, I decided to be efficient and clean out my purse. I pulled out past receipts and old grocery lists and just made a little pile on the table instead of throwing them away because hubby was now ready. You can probably guess where this is going. While I was madly cleaning the kitchen, I picked up the pile of crap from my purse and dumped it in the trash. And my famous fudge recipe was on the bottom of that pile.

(The bread tastes great with hot cocoa with marshmallows!)

Lucky for me I was able to find another recipe online. And you know, it's pretty good. I think I'll keep track of this one a little better.


Shannon said...

Oh no, I can't believe your recipe went out with the trash! And that is a good one too. Lucky for you, I have a copy of it! You gave it to me after a holiday party a few years back. So I'll have it ready to give back to you when you're home...

Rebecca said...

Hey these pictures came out real nice like! I'm never going to believe that you have problems taking photos if you keep producing good stuff like this!

Sara K. said...

Yum!! I bet your kitchen smelled so good! I haven't done any holiday baking yet. I do love getting into the fun baking! And thank goodness for the internet. What did we ever do w/out it!?!?!?!? -S