Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Q & A

I saw this posting on Shannon's blog and I really liked it! Since I love all things Christmas, and learning new things about other people, I thought I'd post my own. Plus, I feel like all I've been posting about lately is how much I hate the condo construction. My blog needs a little Christmas cheer.

1. Color/theme of your Christmas tree: No theme, multi-colored lights and ornaments that remind me of trips I've taken (I like to buy an ornament when I travel) and ones people have given me over the years.

2. What tops your tree? A silver star that I found at Target for like 9 bucks.

3. Favorite ornament: some old silver and glitter balls that used to belong to my grandmother and a few "First Christmas" together ornaments.

4. When do you put up your tree? Personally, I'm ready to put it up once the dishes are cleared from Thanksgiving dinner!

5. When do you take it down? First weekend in January that's after New Years.

6. Favorite gift received during childhood: a Teddy bear from Santa that I still have and my Cabbage Patch Dolls (ok..still have those too).

7. Favorite gift received during adulthood: ??? Nothing is coming to mind...but I'm sure something is out there...

8. Eggnog or cocoa? Cocoa

9. Christmas music: old classics or modern remakes? Old classics

10. Favorite Christmas song? The 12 Days of Christmas sung by John Denver and the Muppets (which is the BEST Christmas CD ever!)

11. Wrapped gifts or gift bags? Depends on the gift, but I do like to wrap them.

12. Do you put out cookies and milk for Santa? Always!

13. Do you open gifts Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? One on Christmas Eve, the rest in the morning.

14. Favorite Christmas movie: Miracle on 34th Street

15. Gingerbread men or chocolate fudge? Fudge

16. Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman? Frosty!

17. Last-minute shopper or organized buyer? I like to be organized and get it done, but I always end up buying last minute.

18. Easiest person to shop for: my mom

19. Hardest person to shop for: Oddly, this year, the hardest people to buy for are usually the two easiest for me: my sister and my hubby.

20. Favorite Christmas tradition: I love Christmas morning. Getting up early and opening our presents while we're all still in our pj's. We open our stockings first, then move (quickly) on the goodies under the tree! Then we spend all day playing with new toys, reading new books, or playing new games and of course eating good food! I also love all the holiday cooking and baking!


Shannon said...

Well, I don't know if that post got you in the Christmas spirit, but it did for me! Your tree ornaments sound so sweet and I definitely agree with you on the Christmas shopping and gingerbread/fudge questions. Your Christmas morning sounds so nice...we used to do just that before I became an adult and had to juggle two families and two traditions! Anyway, can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

Sara K. said...

How fun!!! I love the whole John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album! Good call on the song. Piggy's 5 golden rings shtick is so funny! -S