Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa wasn't the only one with goodies

Auntie Meg also came to town with gifts for the good little boys and girls!

(This picture was totally stolen from Shannon's blog! Thanks for the picture, I love it!)

Kellan finally got his birthday quilt (with a little finishing help from my mom - thanks mom!)

And I finally got to meet Jossy and give her her sweater which her mom promptly put on Jossy - despite the fact that it's a bit big for now. But since she's growing like a weed, she'll be wearing it in no time!


Sara K. said...

Both of Auntie Meggy's recipients look so cute! Way to act as Santa! IMPRESSIVE!!!! -S

Jen said...

Good job on getting all of your projects finished!

Shannon said...

I keep asking Kellan who made him that monkey quilt, and he keeps answering "Meg-Egg!" Hilarious.

And I tell you what, Jossy's sweater photographs beautifully, but there is no comparison to seeing it in person. It is BREATHTAKING.