Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow in Seattle!

The big snow storm that I'll admit I was totally skeptical would actually hit Seattle - did. And while it only dumped about 3 inches in Seattle, it completely shut down the city. Although I had to go to work. It only took me an hour to get to work - that was an easy commute compared to most.

Here are some pics I snapped with my cell camera during my big adventure into the snowy city:
On the street to my bus stop. My bus didn't actually stop for us (again). Another bus on a snow route stopped to pick us up. Someone at the stop asked the driver if she was going downtown. She replied, "Hopefully." It was good enough to me because it was really cold.

Here's a bench and the plaza at work. It was a little snowier downtown than at my house, a mere three miles away. Downtown Seattle was like a ghost town. This is how bad it was: at 10 am I trudged across the street to Starbucks and there was NO line.


Shannon said...

Good thing you're an Idaho girl -- a little snow can't hurt you! Good for you for braving the elements!!

IdahoGirls said...

That is funny that 3 inches would shut the city down - I am not surprised that was how Portland was too. I am glad you made it out ok!!! Bring some of that snow with you will you?? I sure hope to get to see you - Sunday is not looking good for us. Tim's boss is moving and they are having a party for him I am caught in a political nightmare on that one!! Can we do coffee one day or night or is your schedule booked??

Sara K. said...

I missed this post! How did that happen? My reader is usually so good at alerting me. Hmmm...wonder what happened?!?!?

Ah snow! It has been pretty darn crazy in the NW this year! We would like some in Virginia - any chance you can send some our way?!?!? -S