Monday, December 08, 2008

Through sleet and snow, but not construction

There was an interesting little letter left for our building from our postal carrier. Apparently, he feels our foyer (where the mailboxes are) is unsafe due to the lack of lighting. The "lack of lighting" is due to the construction. I'll admit, it's darker than normal, but at 3 pm, when the mail is usually delivered, it's fine.

So until this "issue" is resolved, no more pick up or delivery for us. I guess the US Post Office doesn't give a damn that it's the holidays, that some of us have packages that should have been delivered two days ago, or that the Christmas cards we ordered to send out are also sitting somewhere in the postal system abyss.

I've already written a strongly worded letter to our construction people and building management, hopefully it'll get taken care of quickly. Otherwise I'll have to up the "strongliness" of my letters.


Holli said...

Oh man, Meg -- that SUCKS! I had no idea the USPS could make decisions like that (especially at the holidays)...and BOO to your construction crew -- they need to get their act together and put some proper lighting up. I'm sure everyone in the building is irate ... perhaps you can band together and really get something done.

Boo, Hiss,

PS good luck!

Jen said...

That stinks. How do they expect you to get your mail?

Shannon said...


I read your posting to Dan at work, and his comment was "I thought they were supposed to deliver through snow, sleet and even hail!"

Apparently, the mantra is: through snow, sleet, even hail....but NOT poor lighting. Sheesh!

Sara K. said...

SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!? -S

PS - Got your card today! Joe looks great on my fridge!!