Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009: So many possibilities

2008 was a good year here at the Knitting Knot. It ended with a finishing frenzy of hand knit goodies for loved ones at Christmas! The hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and six years of being together as a couple (well...we didn't actually celebrate it but around the end of Sept. I remember that the date had come and gone and we both thought that was a pretty good number.)

I learned how to make socks, knit a number of baby gifts, tried my hand at sewing and canning, shopped and cooked locally, finally picked out my first big girl sweater and actually bought the yarn for it.

So what does that leave for 2009? Well, now I have to actually start said sweater! I don't necessarily set resolutions for myself, but more of a few goals that I'd like to try and achieve. As a Type A list lover, it's perfect for me:

  • Do more sewing
  • Start/finish the February Lady Sweater for myself
  • Take in more culture events such as art/photo exhibits, concerts, etc.
  • Read more
  • Brush up on my French for my March trip to France with my mom and sister

And finally, the big one for 2009 - become a grown up and buy a house! (Preferably one with a craft room, but I'm not going to be too picky on this one. I do need a craft closet though. There's way to much stuff to not have a closet for the craft goodness!)


heather jane said...

Wishing you lots of luck on your list this year. I love this time of renewal and new beginnings.

**I'll be pulling for the craft ROOM!

Shannon said...

Yay! You DID have a great year with lots of great projects, and I'm so lucky to have been the recipient of some of those creations. Well, I guess Kellan was really the recipient, but you know what I mean.

Good luck on your homebuying quest -- so exciting!! And I'm totally jealous you're going to France.

P.S. -- The blog redesign is beautiful!!!

Holli said...

What an exciting year 2009 will be, with goals like yours you'll be busy and happy all year. Good luck with the house hunt -- I'm pulling for a craft room too!!


Anonymous said...

Make sure the craft room converts to a bedroom for when I come visit!

C. Mike

Sara K. said...

OMG - I LOVE the new look!!! And the little vote options at the bottom of the post! Super great!

-2008 was great for you! Sew productive and tasty! :)
-Trip to France with Mom and Sis - as I emailed - I am totally jealous! How awesome!!!
-House hunting and purchasing- oh that IS really exciting - can't wait to see it! I am pulling for a craft room, too!!!
-Hugs! S

IdahoGirls said...

I look forward to seeing you guys enjoy a new home! Owning a house is an exciting step!! Here is to a blessed 2009 for you both!!!

Many hugs