Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project Update: Construction Mess

While those of who are lucky enough to hang out with me on a regular basis, are also oh-so-lucky enough to hear me complain about the daily on-goings of the construction work. But they haven't been by to see the mess. So here you all go:

(Here's a partial view of the deck construction. It was the best pic I could get)

Our French Doors have been replaced with plywood and painters tape. Let me tell you, plywood and painters tape doesn't exactly keep out Mother Nature. The weekly construction update says the plywood could be in place for a "few weeks." I'm not so sure about that.

You see, the construction foreman personally called to tell me that our ceiling replacement project would only last "about three weeks." That was more than two months ago. And I swear the ceiling is getting worse. And lower. I don't how that's possible. But in this mess, I wouldn't be surprised.

(The ceiling of the entry way.)

The only upside to this is the amount of organzing and purging of crap that we are doing. Sunday was another day of reogranization, furniture rearranging, several trips to the dumpster and another big ol' trip to Goodwill. Once this construction project is finished, I'm going to be amazed if we have any belongs at all.


Shannon said...

oh. my. guh.

the last pics I saw were the ones of you waving at the construction man in the window while eating cereal. now there are no windows! I mean, I know you said you had the windows covered, but a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess...

Sara K. said...

YIKES!!!! Not fun! Cathartic cleansing of stuff - you know I think that is fabulous! Just think of how much easier it will be when you move into your new dream house (less packing and more fun things to get for the new someday place!). -S