Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Dad, the foot model

One thing I forgot to do while I was visiting my parents for Christmas was to get a picture of my dad actually wearing his socks. Crazy I know. He said he'd take a few pictures of them and send them my way. I think if he gets tired of fishing and woodworking in his retirement, he could earn a few extra buck in the foot modeling industry. Take a look:

(I think my mom helped with this photo)

(Here the photographer experiments with different lighting techniques). Thanks for the pics dad - they are great!


Shannon said...

Love the pics! They obviously fit him to a T.

heather jane said...

The socks are totally rad. I *will* knit a pair of socks in 2009. The *won't* likely look this rad. But I'll be needing some advice, I'm sure.

Loving the new look over here...picnik is pretty fun, isn't it?

Sara K. said...

He is the perfect foot model. I am very impressed. A little extra cash in his retirement! :) Great plan! -S