Monday, January 26, 2009

A Pledge to Myself

This week I will get the majority of my nutritional intake not from chocolate chip cookies like last week.

(I know it's best to have small, attainable goals. I'm pretty sure this one is possible. Maybe. I think.)


Shannon said...

Good goal -- you can do it!!!

This coming from a person that just baked a bunch of Banana Peanut Butter Mini Muffins. But they're the healthy kind from Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook. Still, I did eat a bunch of leftover brie today (the apples and dried cranberry recipe!) and a FABULOUS blondie. Oh, and three squares of dark chocolate when I came home.

Maybe I should make a pledge too.

Or maybe I'll just keep cheering you on. I think you have more willpower than me, so how about this. I'll focus my energy on YOU and send some healthy eating vibes your way!!

Go Meg!!!

Holli said...

OMG - hilarious!!

Holli said...

PS - email me ( and I'll fill you in on the labels I sew into my knitted garments.

IdahoGirls said...

Those look like healthy cookies to me - what is the deal with that? I see no problem here - wink wink.

Jen said...

Just make sure they are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies next time and then you have nothing to worry about.

Sara K. said...

Way to be strong Ms. M! -S