Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Change is Here

Today is such a wonderful day for our country and the world. We now have a new leader who is full of hope, encouragement and the ability to install confidence in our nation. Very little was accomplished at work today since I'm lucky to have a T.V. on my desk (a perk of working at a T.V. station). I wish I could have been among the lucky (and cold) millions at The National Mall in D.C., watching this in person, but I still felt like our new President was talking to me.

And now I'm confident things will change. It'll be a long road. And a hard road. But a journey I'm looking forward too.


IdahoGirls said...

It was pretty amazing to watch. I actually was happy to NOT be amongst the two million and cold - yikes that seemed crazy!!! I enjoyed it all from the comfort of my living room - toasty and warm.

Holli said...

Wasn't it a great day? And even though I wasn't at the Mall, I really felt part of the day. Inside, I could FEEL the change and somehow it made me feel connected to the entire human race. All of us, looking forward with hope and excitement. Here's to the future!!

Sara K. said...

And let me tell you...it was just as amazing to be there with the millions. I laughed. I cried. I loved that I was surrounded by the most racially diverse inauguration crowd ever. And we millions on the mall knew that you millions were there in spirit! :) -S

You will like this - and Shawn says I can't put it on the blog: where I was standing not one person clapped for any of the former presidents/vps that are Republicans. When GW Bush came out, my section boo-ed and some people sand na-na-na-na good bye!

Sara K. said...

sang that is ... not sand!