Monday, July 14, 2008

Christmas in July

This is the year that I actually start my Christmas gifts early! And I even whittled down the list of who gets knitted gifts. This year's first project goes to my dad. He's getting knitted socks. I'm very excited about this project because I'm learning how to do socks on two circular needles and I have to say, I'm totally loving this and wondering why the heck it took me so long to get here? It's a pretty simple sock pattern (more on that when I actually buy the book - look for post to come later this week.)

But here's the reason for the socks for dad (aside from the fact that he's the best dad and deserves handknit socks from his kid). My sister and I have a running joke about who's the favorite daughter. It can be for either parent. At any time and for any reason. For example, I was talking to my dad the other day when he got a call on the other line. He went to answer it, came back and said it was Lindsay (the sister). I said, "Did you tell her you'd call her back later because you were talking to your favorite daughter on the other line?" That type of stuff.

When I was visiting the family over the Fourth of July at our place in Cascade, my dad proudly displayed his new favorite toy. It was a gift from Lindsay for Fathers Day. And I can honestly say, I've been dethroned as favorite kid. This gift freakin' blew everything out of the water. No comparison.

My dad now owns a bright orange Boise State University beer bottle opener that plays the Paul J. Schnider final call of the famed Fiesta Bowl game where the BSU Broncos came from behind in the final seconds to win the game. (I hate to do this, but to get an idea of how great this play was - in the minds of Broncos - here's a link to a crappy YouTube clip where the BSU fan actually spelled Boise wrong in the title. It's just classic.)

And the best part, she found it for 99 cents. (Editor's note: personally, I believe that's because no one would want that reminder of a game, but whatever.) So needless to say, he went around all weekend offering to open all of our beer bottles. The rest of the guests were all Idaho Vandals (for those readers not from Idaho, this is the big, massive football rival. It's messy. It's personal. It ain't pretty.) But it made my dad happy. Especially as we all squirmed when the damn thing would go off.

Now, to give my non-Idaho readers another perspective of how beloved this damn game is, it was played about two years ago and if you go into any big store that sells T.V.'s in Boise, they still replay that game on all of their T.V.'s and people still stop and watch it. Plu-eezeee, get over it for crying out loud. Move on. That's what I'm hoping these socks will do for my dad, help him move on past that damn game. And put me back in the favorite daughter throne that I so rightfully deserve.

(Pictures of these fabulous-favorite-daughter-winning socks to come later, my camera battery is recharging.)


Anonymous said...

I admire your knitting resolve! You knit those little fingers to the bone on those socks! You must -- repeat, MUST -- reclaim your father's favor with those socks! You can't have him coddling that damn bottle opener for the rest of his life! Go Megan!!


P.S. -- Go Vandals!!!

Sara K. said...

Your sister is a bit of a Benedict Arnold in her attempts to win favor! I like the socks idea...will they be blue and orange? I am sure that you will bring the good fatherly opinion back to you. -S

I-D-A-H-O! Idaho! Idaho! Go! Go! Go!

Jen said...

I love all of your knitting. It is always very impressive, but Lindsay may have beat you on this one.


P.S. Go Broncos!!!!!!!! And for all of you non-Idaho people... That was a darn good game!

IdahoGirls said...

I admire everyone's optimism on this issue, but Megan I think you may be fighting a lost cause. If he and your sister have already gone to the dark side of the blue and orange there is nothing you can do. I am sorry my friend - it is just too late.



Holli said...


Got the link to your blog from Heather's via the Go Local Challenge! Welcome to the little group.

I love your blog! Sounds like we are similar minds -- knitting with gusto, planning out Christmas in July and eating with a local mind. I'll put your blog on my bloglines and stay in touch. It's great to "meet" you.


Jessica said...

We've started Christmas crafting and shopping here as well. Every other year I've had the best of intentions but failed...this year I'll be done before the crazy season starts!