Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tri Training, Knitting & One Less Car On The Road

In an effort to get in some triathlon training where ever I can, and to keep up with my goal of using my car less, I decided to ride my bike up to the Fiber Gallery after work to pick up my new sock book. I figured it'd be about 3 miles each way. Easy-peasy, right? Well, as you savvy Seattle knitters know, the Fiber Gallery is on Phinney Ridge. That's ridge as in big fat freakin' steep hill.

Not to be deterred, but rather challenged, I figured, why not. So I rode from my place up Fremont Ave to the zoo, then cut across to the main drag along Phinney Ridge. At about 39th and Fremont, I'm sucking wind big time. Muscles in my legs (and ass) were aching that I didn't know ever existed. So, having no shame what-so-ever, I got off and walked my bike up and even steeper part of the road. Now the thing about this road is, it's not as crazy steep as many hills in Seattle, it's a slight incline that just goes on and on (OK, maybe it's 2.1 miles, but it seemed like eternity.)
About halfway up the hill, I did get back on and power through. It was worth it. It was a beautiful afternoon and Jessica was working and greeted me with a smile. She didn't even mind that I was totally sweaty, panting, and slightly ditzy. I even couldn't remember if I needed a skein of Manos or Malibrego for a scarf I want to make.

Here's a view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains! You don't always see that when you're whizzing by in a car!


Sara K. said...

WOW! Megs! Way to be so environmentally friendly!!! And do some knitting, too?!?!?! You are a rock star! -S

Shannon said...

Impressive. I have been thinking about riding down to the Shakespeare Festival for our anniversary this summer, but thought getting back up our hill would be too daunting. But based on your adventure, maybe I should reconsider...

Hope your leg and ass muscles are recovering! ;-)

Heather said...

That's it. I'm hookin up the Burley today and we're going for a bike ride. Thanks for inspiring us!

I would really love to learn to knit. I think I'd start with some socks, because a scarf seems boring and I've tried that already. They would be some funny socks for sure!!

enjoy your weekend and thank you for the sweet comments on my blog yesterday.

Heather said...

oh, and I forgot to mention that if you want to participate in the local challenge you are certainly welcome. Just make something yummy and e-mail me. If you do it today or tomorrow you'll get to enter in the drawing for some local Idaho products and something from my "patient" sewing table. Fun, fun!

phileather (at) yahoo (dot) com