Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eat Local Challenge: Week One

This was my first week of Heather's Eat Local Challenge. I almost didn't make it. The week turned out to be a little more crazy/hectic than I thought. I started out missing my weekly trip to the Ballard Farmers Market due to a long/hard training workout that was immediately followed by a nap. The rest of the week looked very similar. But on Friday night, I hit the Phinney Ridge Farmers Market after work. I'm so glad I went. If you haven't been to this market, I highly suggest it. I think it could quickly become my favorite one! I bought everything for our dinner:

  • Beef Rib Eye from Olsen Farms in Colville, WA

  • Lettuce from Carnation, WA which was mixed with lettuce from my container garden & carrots from our organic delivery service (they came from another farm in Washington, but I'm not sure where)

  • Potatoes from Carnation, WA

  • Blueberries and Raspberries from Fir Island

I added that with bread from the Essential Baking Company and a couple of glasses of wine from Chateau St. Michelle. It was a fabulous dinner. I look forward to more of these!


Jessica said...

Sounds great. What time should I come over next Friday?

Sara K. said...

Looks super yummy! Way to go all out for your first local meal! -S

Shannon said...

Beautiful! Nice work!

Jen said...

Good job Meg. The meal looks great! I went to a concert at that winery. It was really pretty there and the wine was good also.