Thursday, May 21, 2009

Celebrating a change

A very dear friend of mine has recently come to a crossroads in her professional life as a television journalist. After nearly a decade of working in her chosen profession and many of them in her dream job as a main anchor and producer for a TV news station, she is moving on to something different.

She wrestled with some very serious and emotional issues while trying to come to this decision. At times I know it was very hard for her. But she is a hard worker who is determined to take on new challenges in life. And that's just what she's doing now that she's at this crossroads. She's blazing her own path and incorporating some of the things she truly loves best: writing, interviewing, cooking, blogging and of course her family.

I'm so proud of her for launching her new blog It's a fabulous site designed to pass along insightful interviews, helpful parenting skills, and some seriously fun stuff as well. The thing I love about this site, is that it isn't just for moms. For example, she had a great video interview with a new author who just published a book on tips to save money. Now really, who doesn't want to do that?

So whether or not you've got kids, I highly encourage you to click on over to and check it out. I'm so thrilled for Shannon and I know she'll be incredibly successful!


Shannon (AnchorMommy) said...

Meg, thank you. I'm flattered.

Your unwavering support means the world to me. I can't tell you how often your words of encouragement have rung in my head on those occasions when the doubts have tried to crowd their way in. It means the world to have such close friends that believe in me!

Sara K. said...

Thanks for the link! And how exciting for Shannon! I love the site ans have added it to my favorites! -S