Monday, May 25, 2009

Urban Gardening

This Memorial Day weekend, my folks came for a visit. They said they just wanted to hang out with us. I had already planned on attending the West Seattle Edible Garden fair to learn all I could about gardening, composting and whatever else they wanted to share with me. The folks also enjoy gardening so they were up for it.

My mom and I approached a booth called Urban Gardeners. They had this beautiful display of buckets filled with tomatoes, chives, lettuces and herbs. My mom asked if they were for sale. They weren't. They were free. We could pick out what we wanted to grow and they would show us how to plant a buckets so you could grow a garden anywhere! Uber Urban Gardener Helen, helped me pick out a Jubilee tomato plant, some chard and different types of lettuce seeds (they were out of the lettuce starts). She gave some fertilizer and showed me what to do once I get to move into our house and give my gardening skills a bigger test! It was a great event and I'll be back there next year ready learn more!

My lovely garden start! These greens are as ready as I am for all of us to get into our new home!


Holli said...

Super cool! Free gardening in a bucket. I can't wait to hear how this works. Growing things = totally cool!

Shannon (AnchorMommy) said...

That's fantastic! I wish I could get some free plants around here. Oh well. Just planted a new little pepper plant in our produce section of a garden! Things are looking good!

Can't wait to see what you do with your new raised garden beds! Woo hoo!

heather jane said...

Awesome! Urban Gardening is so do-able with just a little help. I'm glad to hear they were teaching this stuff!!!

Jen said...

Cool. I started composting this weekend. I need to post the pictures of my little compost box!

Sara K. said...

You go girl! Amazing work!!! Your new house will look even more swell with these tasty green touches! Sorry I missed your call. I will call you tonight after dinner! Hugs - S