Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not the way to start the new week

At the beginning of each week, I like to think about all the stuff I have to do for the coming week, both fun and work oriented. This week, or really, before this week even starts, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. And it's basically all my own fault.

There are the little projects I've started that need completing: a knitted baby gift; a baby quilt for a shower that I'm hosting in less than a month!

There are the yet to be made baby gifts for dear friends expecting little bundles of joy: there are babies due in July, August, September (2 actually) and October. My friends have been very busy...

There's my new organization projects that I recently bought new plastic bins for and even got my long awaited label maker! (The hubby has been mocking me endlessly about that one but just wait until he sees how wonderfully organized everything will be. If I ever get around to it).

There's the hubby's socks that he's patiently waiting on and asks about every time he sees me knitting a new little something.

Oh yeah, and I have a few work things that will be encroaching on my free/crafty/relaxing time that are sadly unavoidable. it the weekend again?


Holli said...

I hate deadlines that loom and feeling anxious about getting things done -- especially things that should be fun like knitting gifts, etc. Sounds like you've got a list and know what you've got to do...and I'm sure you'll get it all done. Good Luck!

Shannon said...

You sound like me! (Although I already have the label maker. They are the best little gadgets in the world!)

Good luck with least you have Memorial Day weekend coming up, right?

Sara K. said...

*sigh* that is how I feel! :) -S