Friday, May 22, 2009

It'll soon be mine!

I've been looking in stores and online for months now. Just keeping my eye out for the perfect deal. And I finally found it. Or, it found me. It showed up in my email inbox yesterday!

And how could I not resist getting my very own swift for only $50 from! It took me approximately 2.5 seconds to hit the order now button while at the same time fumbling around in my bag for my handy-dandy Visa card!

The best part is (aside for the price!), now that I'll have a craft room of my very own soon, the swift will be able to stay out all the time! I can't wait to start winding yarn!


Sara K. said...

Hey, Miss Megs...could you help a non-knitter out...what is this fabulous contraption? -S

Holli said...

Oh man! I've got the ball winder, and while Joe makes a very nice swift -- I think having the more traditional version would really be nice. I'll have to check out their website! Thanks for the tip and CONGRATS on having your very own swift!!