Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quilt #2: Done

It's finally finished! My second quilt! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of this one! I designed it myself. I really enjoy that aspect of sewing. The quilting, well, I'm still working on that whole "sew in a straight line" thing. I guess it'll come in time.

This quilt is for a dear friend who's going to have her first baby in early July. She's having a boy and as of yet, baby boy doesn't have a name.

(I picked out this cute yellow flannel farm animal print for the back! It's so cute!)

I can't wait to meet him and seeing laying, playing and sleeping on this blanket! It was made with lots of love!


Jen said...

It turned out great. Sewing in a straight line is also something I struggle with.

Holli said...

Congratulations, Meg. What a beautiful accomplishment. Baby Boy X (and his mama) is gonna love it!

heather jane said...

Beautiful Meg. I love it so much!!! You know I love that Urban Chics fabric, and you've used it well here. I still have a few yards of it and every day I change my mind about how to use it.

I hate cutting awesome fabric. That's my biggest struggle. EEEK!

Shannon said...

Hooray! As the recipient of your first ever quilt, I must say that any imperfections are completely unnoticed. We still love to look at the fabrics you used, and Kellan cuddles up with it every day at naptime. The recipient of Quilt #2 will be just as delighted, I'm sure!!! It looks fabulous!!!

Jeanne said...

Ooo, pretty!