Monday, May 11, 2009


We are officially grown up! OK...not totally officially...we sign the papers in a few days, but the sign says it all!

The hubby and I have bought our first house! It's perfect and we love it! It's a lot bigger than it looks in this picture. It has three bedrooms/2.5 baths, a big yard and two raised garden plots just waiting for me to get in there and plant lots of home grown goodness! It has a detached two car garage with lots of storage and an artist studio! It's in the neighborhood we really wanted. And within walking distance of shops, restaurants, the farmer's market (a long walk), parks and the beach! (Keep in mind, it's the Seattle beach on the Puget Sound so we're not talking spending lots of days lounging in the sun running into the water to cool off. This is Seattle after all.) So it's fitting that the garage has a huge rain barrel to collect rain water to water the garden. And the previous owners set up a compost bin. Now I just need to convince the hubby that composting is good and not another of my, quote, "Crazy hippie ways."
(The garden plots. Don't they just look like they're ready to be planted?!)

We actually don't get to move in for another month. The sellers need to rent back to us in order to get their new living situation squared away. That gives me plenty of time to mentally decorate my house. We'll have a couple of empty rooms for awhile so I'm taking one and making it my craft room that I've always wanted. I may not have enough furniture for this house, but Lord knows I can fill a craft room before the hubby can finish unpacking! I'll also be doing lots of reading on what to plant that will still grow in late June.

(This is the 2 car garage and artist studio. We're not really sure what we should do with the artist studio space right now. We're taking suggestions.)

If you have any planting tips, or any good homeowner advice, I'd love to hear it! This is a new adventure for us and we're ready to take it!


heather jane said...

Insert big whoops of excitement and congratulations right HERE!!!! This is awesome news, Meg. I'm so excited for you and WOW!!! And artist studio and a garden plot all ready to go?

Too. Perfect.

Happy for you today...

Holli said...

Meg!! This is such fabulous news! Congratulations, congratulations!! The house looks and sounds so perfect. I'm partial to the artist's studio, the garden plot and a walk to just about everything you need. Oh, and the color -- it's perfect (and the same as my new house!)

May you find many years of happiness and love in your new, perfect home!


Jen said...

OMG!!!! How exciting Meg. The house is adorable!!!!! It sounds like you have found the perfect place. I can't wait to see your garden and your craft room!

Jai found my compost bucket yesterday and he first words where, "What the HELL is this!" He thinks I am wierd, but I don't care. I say, compost away!!!!

IdahoGirls said...

It is so cute Meg!! Love it. The garden plot sounds like a lot of fun!! You could just do some really fun annual flowers this year if you miss out on planting anything... I am not familiar with the Seattle growing season so I can't give you much help on that. Congrats! My your new home always be filled with joy, laughter, and many rich blessings from God!



Sara K. said...

Megs! What a darling house! I am totally in love! I can't wait to see inside! :) Thinking of you... oh wait...I will be in Seattle in 2 weeks - Shawn's cousin's wedding is in Bellingham - but we fly in to Seattle (5/29) and overnight there before driving up to the wedding on 5/30 and then jet down to Portland area to see our new nephew. Maybe we can breakfast?!?!?!? I WILL call! -S

Meg said...

Thanks for all your sweet wishes! I can't wait to move in and start sharing with this next phase of my life!

hillary said...

Hi Meg!! Congratulations on your house! What neighborhood is it in?