Sunday, May 17, 2009

A productive weekend

After last Sunday's post of how overwhelmed I was with all my projects, I thought something really needed to happen this weekend. Actually, it was really when the hubby said, "Um, it seems like you have a lot of little projects all over the place."

That's when I knew, my weekend of quilting and knitting needed to be sideline so I could de-clutter the serious clutter.

So I sucked it up and took care of things.

- Reorged the knitting bag in the living room that held about 7 projects or the goods for 7 projects even though I'm only working on 2.

(The hubby wasn't sure how this new mess was part of my organizing/cleaning day. I assured him it was. Really, it's a small miracle that I didn't start another project while I was sorting.)
- Ripped out the hubby's socks and the Spring Time Bandit Scarf (needs bigger needles).

- Cleaned up the sewing area - got it organized and off the dining room table just in time for my folks to visit next weekend.

- Finally got rid of all of the boxes from last month's charity auction so my parents can stay in the guest room

- Cleaned the house.

- Finished quilting the baby quilt. (Ok, got in some quilting).

Um, is it time for another weekend?


heather jane said...

Good lord. I am sitting in a sewing room stuffed to the gills with stuff. Must get to bed so I can organize and sew tomorrow. This mess has got to go. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jen said...

I am organized I just need to get busy!!!

Sara K. said...

Busy, busy! Yay you! -S